Panora Help

1) What is Panora?

Panora is a one-stop trading hub, aggregating all trading platforms on Aptos. Panora's DeFi suite unlocks the full potential of decentralized finance through an integrated protocol network, ensuring efficient transactions via smart systems.

2) What are Panora's product offerings?

Panora is currently working on the following products:

  • Meta-DEX Aggregator: Aggregating On-chain Orderbook, DEX Aggregators & AMM DEXs for best returns

  • On-chain Orderbook: Fully decentralized On-chain Orderbook providing CEX-like experience to DeFi users

3) What is Panora's mission?

Our mission is to empower individuals to unlock the full potential of DeFi by offering innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology and to solve their DeFi needs without having to know the intricacies of DeFi.

4) Who is the team behind Panora?

Our leadership team comprises forward-thinking individuals with a wealth of experience in DeFi, AI research, software development, and strategic vision. Our dedicated team of engineers, designers, and creatives are the backbone of Panora. Fueled by a passion for cutting-edge technology, they work tirelessly to enhance user experiences and drive the evolution of our platform.

5) Is Panora live yet?

Yes, Panora is live on Aptos Mainnet and can be accessed at

6) Where can I learn more about Panora?

We're glad you're interested in learning more about Panora. We recommend reading our Medium articles ( and following us on Twitter ( to learn more about what we are building at Panora. Our gitbook would soon be updated with more reading resources.

7) I am interested in partnering with Panora, how can I get in touch with the team?

We are super excited that you wish to partner with us. For any partnership related requests, please fill our partnership form (link) and reach out to us via e-mail at or open a ticket on Discord.

8) How can I provide user or technical feedback to the team?

Panora greatly values user feedback and ensures to incorporate valuable feedback into the product at the earliest. Please drop your feedback in the #feedback channel on Discord or fill our feedback form directly on our app for any reports on bugs, feature requests or general comments.

9) Is there a token or airdrop for Panora?

Currently, there is no token sale or airdrop. Anyone claiming this is a scam. Please report such instances in the respective communication channels.

10) Are there any Panora bounty programs?

There are various bounty programs that are planned in the near future. Check our Zealy page, follow us on Twitter or stay updated through announcements channel on Discord for any upcoming bounty or reward programs.

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