Widget Configuration

Custom Widget Configurations

import { PanoraWidget, PanoraWidgetConfig } from "@panoraexchange/widget-sdk"

const widgetConfig: PanoraWidgetConfig = {
    // Custom styles to tailor the appearance of the widget
    styles: {
        backgroundColor: "#141414",
        primaryColor: "white",
        secondaryColor: "gray",
        buttonColor: "hsl(191, 87%, 41%)",
    // Whether to show the connect wallet button or not (default: true)
    showConnectWalletButton: true,
    // Whether to show expanded view of the complete route (defult: true)
    showExpandRouteIcon: true,
    // Whether to show the detailed info about the swap transaction (default: true)
    showRouteInfo: true,
    // Overrides the list of enabled wallets to display within the widget
    enabledWallets: [  
        "OKX Wallet"

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