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The Panora Swap Aggregator Widget SDK allows developers and projects to easily integrate Panora's powerful widget into their projects. With this SDK, you can enable users to swap directly within your platform, providing your users with access to the best routes and rates in the market.


Using Yarn

yarn add @panoraexchange/widget-sdk

Using npm

npm add @panoraexchange/widget-sdk

Using pnpm

pnpm add @panoraexchange/widget-sdk

Basic Example

To get started quickly, here's a basic example of how to integrate the Panora Swap Aggregator Widget into your application:

import { PanoraWidget,  PanoraWidgetConfig } from "@panoraexchange/widget-sdk"

const widgetConfig: PanoraWidgetConfig = {

export const Page = () => {
  return (
    <PanoraWidget config={widgetConfig} />


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