📔Add your token to Aptos Token List

Welcome to the guide on how to get your token added to Aptos token list by Panora! By following these steps, you can ensure that your token is visible and accessible to our users, Let's get started!!

To add emerging tokens to the Aptos Token List, follow these steps:

1. Fork the Repository

Fork the Aptos-Tokens repository on GitHub to create your own copy.

2. Add Token Icon

Add the token_symbol.svg file for the token in the logos folder in your forked repository. Ensure it's no larger than 250x250 pixels and has a unique symbol not used by any existing token.

3. Update submit-token-request.ts

Add a SubmitTokenRequestInfo object at the end of submit-token-request.ts list.

Provide the following details:


  • chainId: The chain ID to which the token belongs (default is 1 for Aptos Mainnet)

  • tokenAddress: The complete address used to identify the token as per the Aptos core framework

  • name: The name of the token

  • symbol: The symbol registered by the token minter on-chain

  • decimals: The number of decimal places for the token

  • logoUrl: The URL for the token's logo (the logo should be added to the logos folder in your repository to get the correct link)

  • websiteUrl: The official website URL of the token (optional, but preferred for faster validations)

  • coinGeckoId: The CoinGecko ID used for fetching price feeds (optional)

  • coinMarketCapId: The CoinMarketCap ID used for fetching price feeds (optional)


    "chainId": 1,
    "tokenAddress": "0x1::aptos_coin::AptosCoin",
    "name": "Aptos Coin",
    "symbol": "APT",
    "decimals": 8,
    "logoUrl": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PanoraExchange/Aptos-Tokens/main/logos/APT.svg",
    "websiteUrl": "https://aptosfoundation.org",
    "coinGeckoId": "aptos",
    "coinMarketCapId": 21794,

4. Commit Changes

Commit your changes with a descriptive message explaining the modifications made.

5. Make a Pull Request

Navigate to your forked repository, open a pull request, and submit it for review. Select the base repository as Aptos-Tokens and branch as main for merging your changes.

6. Community Discussion and Amplification

It is highly recommended to engage in discussions when new projects seek validation into the list. Tweet @PanoraExchange to notify your community and Panora about your request submission. This increases visibility and community engagement, potentially expediting approval of your PR

Reminder: Tokens are always available for trading by pasting the complete token address into our token picker, regardless of their validation status.

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